Your email sucks…and here is why

January 20, 2017  

Have you ever complained about your email?  Getting too much spam.  Maybe the isn’t cutting it for a business email account.  No shit!

Your email is as much a representation of your business as your business card, your sign, your vehicle graphics and even the way you answer your phone.

I see it way too many times to feel that it’s just an oops in the business world.  It’s probably due to being a lack of knowledge about what is possible.  The bottom line is you NEED a branded email account for your business.  By this I don’t mean  I mean or

“But I really like how gmail works!”  No Problem!

There is only one email provider I would recommend to any small business (this doesn’t mean there are not other options, it’s just that it’s what I’ve been using and have zero issues).  Google’s G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Business).  Google allow you to have your own company domain attached to their gmail system.  BAM!  Yeah you heard me, all the great power of Google with the imaging of your company.

What’s it cost?  Here is the breakdown.

Domain:  Anywhere from $5-20/year

G-Suites: $5/USD/User/Month

Setting it up: If you know how to update your domain DNS MX records, then nothing but your time, but if you don’t.  We can do it for you for $49 CAD

Contact me if you’re interested in making the switch.

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