Your Fee Sucks!

April 18, 2016  

I’m sure we have all been in this situation. You go to a business like a pizza shop to pick up your order, they tell you the total (which seems to be going up as fast as the price of gas these days), you hand them your debit card and WHAM!  Slapped in the face with a phrase like this, “There is a fee to pay with debit”.  WHAT?   Are we in the 1990’s?  You’re charging me something like $0.30 to pay you (this is the common amount I see).  Frankly it’s just the same amount they have to pay to process the transaction.  Immediately I feel like I’m being ripped off.

Why is this a horrible thing to do

Firstly, in commerce; the person receiving payments should be carrying all the fees to offer that convenience to their clients.  Secondly, it’s something unexpected.  You should never throw in an additional cost to a consumer once they have already committed to the transaction by picking up their order.  A strong B2C experience is all about just that, “the experience”.  Having to pay this little fee, while still little is a suck on the experience meter.

How can you fix this?

Simple…stop being cheap.  If you can’t bare a $0.30 fee to be able to offer your clients the convenience of paying with a mainstream payment option you shouldn’t be in business.  I know that sounds harsh but seriously, take a look at your motives and re-assess what you are doing.  Do you want to provide a streamlined pleasurable guest experience OR do you want to suck every possible cent out of your customer base.  If your margins are so tight that $0.30 would break you,  increase your prices by $0.30 and you should be able to sleep better at night.

Stop being greedy and start being a convenience!  Consumers will appreciate that.

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