You’re making it harder for potential clients to opt-in to your webinars

November 16, 2018  

You’re making it harder for potential clients to opt-in to your webinars

I wanted to share a story with you about a client I’m working with and how one little changed to the way their contacts register for their monthly webinars has exponentially changed the amount of registrations.

For a couple of years they have been holding monthly webinars. They would set up their webinar in Zoom (prior to this it was another system) and then they would start to promote it to their database list with an email containing the registration page link.

On average they would get about 100 people a month registering for it.

When I came into the project of working with them last month, I made one little change to the email. Instead of sending those on the list to the registration page to enter their contact information again, I used a one click registration technique. When they got the email there was a link that said, click here to instantly be registered for this months webinar.

Now because they were using ActiveCampaign (and you can do it with other CRM’s), I linked that click to a page on their website that said, “Congratulations, you’re registered”.

That click added them to a list in the CRM called “November Webinar Contacts”, then using Zapier, I was able to connect that list to Zoom webinar to automatically (or automagically…as some say) register them in the webinar system.

So as of today, and their webinar is still 4 days away (with a couple other promotional emails coming out) they are at 295 registrants – the most they have ever had.

You see, they were already in their database, their name and email at the least. Which is all we need to register someone for a webinar. So why would we send them to a registration page only to make them have to enter their information again. It’s a friction point to an end goal. Also the more time someone has to think about a decision they are making, the higher the chance they have to rethink it and not actually make that decision.

If you’re new to webinars, I want to be clear, even though you have 100 people register for an event, you will absolutely NOT get 100 people attend.

I found a great blog post containing some great statistics and tips around webinars that would be beneficial to anyone who has either a webinar or is thinking about one.

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